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a story of this jazz-mad, wine-soaked world

30 December
❝About Me❞

M'name's Pip and I'm the sort of cynical, disillusioned youth your mother warned you about.

You can find my graphics (mostly icons, a picspam or two and a few tutorials) at deadkittydesign. Link's also at the bottom.

If you end up liking me enough to friend me, it helps to comment here.

Psych; Sherlock; Law & Order; Red Dwarf; QI; Pushing Daisies; Dead Like Me

Listens To:
The Beatles; Metallica; Gorillaz; Depeche Mode; The Cure; I Am Kloot; Pink Floyd

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35mm cameras, 400x film, 80s nerd-pop, acidic personalities, avila in stripes, blue-eyed meows, buried under blankets, burning the midnight oil, caffeinated idols, cat shaped cats, censorship duckies, cinematic wunderkin, cloister the cat god, cold porcelain tiles, contraceptive elfmen, crazy redhead rockstars, danny elfman, dead kitty designs, dog sized dogs, doodling in the margins, dried ink dust, fat bob's hair, flailing burtons, frenzied thunderstorms, grainy film, grungy guitar rifts, half blood scots, howling elfmen, humming light fixtures, it's 'colour' dammit, late night rantings, lister fancies rimmer, living underexposed, mad elfman grins, nasal cats, neil gaiman bearhugs, never ending weekends, old bookish smells, orange danny!cookies, orange♥black, overworked composers, pedestrian wolves, photography, pink cats in green, razor-edged wit, robert smith angsting, rose red lenses, sauntering vaguely downwards, scratching away for answers, scribbly monsters, silent snow fall, simon gallup's hair, spiderwebs, strands of twine, striped spirals, swirls of colour, the cure, the last bell ringing, tim burton's hair, twisted faery tales, writing, yellow filtered rooms, zs with lines through